Julius Bluthner of Leipzig, Germany

This Outstanding Example was Fully Restored in 2006!

Please do you research on prices and I'm sure you will find in this condition the average shop price will be around £3,750!
They will give a tight 5 year guarantee for the extra £1,000's, But considering a piano of this High Standard has already proved its reliability for some 100 Years! They know once restored it will serve another 30 - 50 years trouble free!


For Lots More Video Music of This Piano Playing or if your PC does not see the above Video, then please use the following
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This is your opportunity to buy one of my most treasured pianos that I have put a lot of time and money into! You can buy cheaper, but remember! A new set of strings will cost you over £800, plus 10 - 20 tunings. Action rebuilds with new hammers will cost you well over £600 plus regulating, A full case strip real French polish with cost over £ 1,200, all Plus VAT and that's why a dealer has to sell one in this condition for over £3,750 to make any money!

Why am I selling? I now have two more Bluthner uprights, a Bluthner Aliquot Grand and Ibach double overstrung Grand that I want to restore this year. One of the Bluthner uprights I will offer on Ebay unrestored as it is nice condition following a 1980's restore.

All these pictures were taken on Saturday 11th August 2007 and the You Tube Videos April 2008!
I'm sure even the most scrutinising person viewing them should be impressed with the high level of workmanship by Bluthner and myself.

Most of you viewing may already know how wonderful Bluthner's are, and although Steinway may have a slightly better name, I personally think Bluthner's of this age had far superior engineering inside them.

Their instruments have always been highly respected throughout the piano world and you will see from this Web Link http://www.pianoshop.co.uk/info/ratings.php3 they have a 5 or 6 M star rating out of the maximum of 6

Before I begin to detail the piano I would like to say that I will arrange Delivery for only £45 as long as the successful bidder lives within a 40 mile radius of Telford in Shropshire, England, UK

You can check the distance by going to the website www.theaa.com and click on plan a route from your postcode to TF2 7SA. For deliveries over 40 miles please use the Ask Seller a Question” Link and I will be happy to advise you of the extra delivery costs.

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The Re-French Polished Mahogany Case. Serial number 48103 dates it between 1890 - 1899

The Fallboard with music stand up. No wear to the keys around this area.
Please note the brass music stand retainer & piece on the edge of the stand itself.
Brilliant White Ivories all Original, NO chips or Replacements!
Front panel and fallboard, you should be able to see the lighter inlaid veneer detailing on both?

Pedals are perfect and work very well.

Inlaid veneer is visible on the legs, sides and lower panel.
Original brass handles have been re polished, these are not for lifting the piano!
Top with the original wooden plugs.

The real beauty of engineering within a restored Bluthner!
It sparkles like Gold & I smile every time I look inside!


The hammers are still as white as when the were replaced and you should be able to see the reflection of the tuning pins?

Another view of the action from the base section.
The piano was fully re strung about 7 years ago (note the strings around the pins!) The action also fully rebuilt (note the dampers)
Action around middle C showing hammer & damper condition.

The frame and sound board are perfect, No cracks etc.



Close up of the strings around middle C. They still sparkle too!

Below the fallboard showing the soundboard and frame.
A close up of a corner. If I deliver the piano, these will still be as perfect! I never turn a piano on a corner like some movers do!

This Piano Is Not Included With The Sale! It is My Other Option to Sell Later on Ebay!
Sneak Preview!

High Gloss Black Ronisch Gold Detailing1855 - 1870?
Overstrung/Underdamped Plays like a Modern Piano!

The piano is tuned to concert pitch and will remain in good tune for years, YES MANY YEARS!
I can honestly say this because it has once gone over two years without a tune and when I got around to tune it, only 2 or 3 strings were very slightly out! The rest to my amazement were still at concert pitch, not even slightly below! I'm sure many other pianos tuners will also say the same and I have even heard of one Bluthner grand still at pitch after 20 years!!

Overall this piano would not only be suitable for a learner who does not want to upgrade in several years, but also anyone pianist up to and including grade 8.

It produces a wonderful and powerful tone throughout all the registers and is very easy to play with a light to medium touch.

The Dimensions are:

Width: 59 inches (1500mm) Handle to Handle

Height: 50.5 inches (1280mm)

Depth: 28 inches (710mm) Front to back including the real pull out lifting handles

I'm sure you will see from these pictures that this piano is of the finest quality and will give you many years of trouble free playing and pleasure.

This is only one example of my work and I always have a few more pianos that will not only suit very experienced players, but learners as well!
So before you dash off to your nearest piano dealer or cross your fingers and bid on another piano please contact me first.

If you would like to view, play or ask me any question before bidding, then please give me a call on 01952-228979.

This piano is available to UK bidders and overseas bidders, but please contact me first if you are outside the UK
I will require bidders who have a feedback of below 5 or have been registered for less than 4 weeks to give me a call before bidding!
Delivery will only be to a ground floor location that does not require moving upstairs or more than 3 steps to access! In the very rare event that the piano can not be manoeuvred into the ground floor room of your choose, please ensure you have another suitable location available.
The piano can be collected as long as it has been paid for prior with cleared funds or payment for the piano can be made in full before delivery or if you prefer, in cash on delivery as long as the delivery charge has been paid for in advance.

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