John Broardwood & Sons - Upright Piano

Manufactured around 1931, with new designs, it has a brighter more modern tone than earlier Broadwood's.

Needless to say it is Overstrung & Underdamped



Before I begin to detail the piano I would like to say that I can arrange Delivery for the buyer at a very reasonable rate. Please contact me with your postcode for a quote, the price given will be subject the conditions at the bottom of this page.


Click here! To See and Hear more of this piano being played!
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PLEASE NOTE: The casters have now been replaced with the correct piano caster as can be seen using this link:

All other pictures were taken only a few days ago and I'm sure you will notice the condition!

The piano case is Mahogany veneered and is in an excellent condition and nicely polished. The internals are also in excellent condition and the action has been fully serviced, has perfect set of hammers as well as new bridal straps.

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All the keys are real Ivory and have been fully checked, serviced and polished as can be seen. NO Chips, No Wear!
The playing touch is medium and has a modern feel.

The Wrest Plank or Pin Block as it is also know, is structurally sound, tuning is stable and the soundboard has been inspected as can be seen in the picture whilst the back was panel was being recovered. The iron frame is also perfect, No Cracks.

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The piano is tuned to concert pitch, but I will fully check the tuning before delivery!
All good stable pianos travel well if handled correctly and I never use the excuse that it will need instant re-tuning after delivery. If a piano arrives out of tune, then it is either a bad one or was never in tune before it was moved!!

The Dimensions are: Width: 61 inches (1550mm) Height: 49 1/2 inches (1260mm) Depth: 25 inches (635mm)

In summing up, this 88 note 7 1/4 octave piano would not only suit a beginner, but it would also suit a pianist who prefers a sharper tone.

I'm sure from these pictures and videos that this piano is of high quality and will give you many years of trouble free playing and pleasure.

Please take time to read my feedback and you will see 100% excellent piano feedback! Before you dash off to your nearest piano dealer and see how little you get for your money or cross your fingers and bid on another piano please contact me first.
I will be more than happy to give you advise and answer demanding questions that you may want to ask another seller!

WARNING! Don't waste money and time on a piano that has not been tuned for years! There is often a very good reason for this! The piano may be scrap or goes out of tune quickly! A £100 bargain may well end up costing you a few thousand or £75 a month for a piano tuner if he does not give you the bad news to scrap it.
If you would like to view, play or ask me any question before bidding, then please give me a call on 01952-228979.

Please click on the links to play via Windows Media player or Copy and Paste the URL Link into your browsers address bar if that fails?

Singing in the rain-Broadband
Singing in the rain-Dial-Up
Blues - Broadband
Blues - Dial-Up
Scott Joplin-Entertainer-Broadband
Scott Joplin-Entertainer-Dial-Up
Music from 1910-1920 Broadband
Music from 1910-1920 Dial-Up
Yellow Brick Road Broadband
Yellow Brick Road Dial-Up
Ludovico Einaudi Broadband
Ludovico Einaudi Dial-Up
Heart -Broadband
Heart -Dial-Up
Fur Elise - Broadband
Fur Elise - Dial-Up
Scott Joplin-Magnetic Rag - BB
Scott Joplin-Magnetic Rag-DU
More from 1910-1920 Broadband
More from 1910-1920 Dial-Up
James Blunt-BeautifulBroadband
James Blunt-Beautiful Dial-Up

The piano is available in the UK, but if you are an overseas bidder please contact me first before bidding!
I will also require bidders who have a feedback of below 5 or have been registered for less than 4 weeks to give me a call before bidding as my personal auction settings will not allow you to bid!
Delivery will only be to a ground floor location that does not require moving upstairs or more than 3 steps to access!
In the very rare event that the piano can not be manoeuvred into the ground floor room of your choose, please ensure you have another suitable location available.
The piano can be collected as long as it has been paid for prior with cleared funds or payment for the piano can be made in full before delivery or if you prefer, in cash on delivery as long as my delivery fee has been paid for in advance.

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