Rud Ibach Sohn of Barmen, Germany
Beautiful and Recently Restored Upright Piano

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This is your opportunity to buy a truly wonderful Rosewood Ibach piano from the oldest surviving family-owned piano-manufacturers in the world.
Ibach still build fine instruments to this day. Their traditional instruments are solidly-built, and have a bright, powerful tone. Their instruments are highly respected throughout the piano world and you will see from this Web Link they have a 4 star rating

Before I begin to detail the piano I would like to say that I will arrange Delivery for only £45 as long as the successful bidder lives within a 40 mile radius of Telford in Shropshire.

You can check the distance by going to the website and click on plan a route from your postcode to TF2 7SA. For deliveries over 40 miles please use the Ask Seller a Question” Link and I will be happy to advise you of the extra delivery costs.

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The Pianos serial number is 31276 which dates it around 1900 and was restored by me a few years ago to a very high standard.

All these pictures apart from the restoration ones were taken only a few days ago and I'm sure you will notice, it is still as good now. I have included the other pictures to show that I do genuinely rebuild and check my pianos fully.

The case is genuine rosewood unlike a lot of pianos that are stained to look like rosewood and has been re-french polished.


It has all the original bright white Ivories keys (Well balanced with a medium to heavy touch, suitable for someone who would like play classic grand pianos later).


The action was also rebuilt and regulated. It is very nice, responsive and all notes are uniform.



The Soundboard, Cast iron frame and Wrest Plank are perfect, No cracks or loose tuning pins present.

As a result the piano is tuned to concert pitch and remains in tune for many months! I always keep my pianos for over six months so I can be sure of their tuning stability.

Overall this piano would not only be suited for learner, but also an intermediate pianist. It produces a wonderful and surprisingly powerful tone throughout all the registers.

The Dimensions are:

Width: 57 inches (1455mm)

Height: 50 inches (1275mm)

Depth: 25.5 inches (650mm)

I'm sure you will see from these pictures that this piano is of the finest quality and will give you many years of trouble free playing and pleasure.

This is only one example of my work and I always have a few more pianos that will not only suit very experienced players, but learners as well!
So before you dash off to your nearest piano dealer or cross your fingers and bid on another piano please contact me first.

This piano is only available to UK bidders and any overseas bids will be removed!
I will require bidders who have a feedback of below 5 or have been registered for less than 4 weeks to give me a call before bidding!
Delivery will only be to a ground floor location that does not require moving upstairs or more than 3 steps to access! In the very rare event that the piano can not be manoeuvred into the ground floor room of your choose, please ensure you have another suitable location available.
The piano can be collected as long as it has been paid for prior with cleared funds or payment for the piano can be made in full before delivery or if you prefer, in cash on delivery as long as the delivery charge has been paid for in advance.

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