Squire & Longson

Overstrung & Underdamped
Better Known Later as Welmar and Kemble
A Wonderful English Upright Piano from my Collection

I have included below a lot of 30 Second Video Samples to really show how nice this piano sounds


They are all around 2 Meg in size apart from one. (I could not make up my mind which one to use !)
Please Note: These videos have been compressed & the sound has lost a lot of quality!

Beethoven - Sonate Op 27 No.2 - Presto Agitato http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq2.wmv
F.Chopin - Fantaisie Impromptu - Op66 - Allegro Agitato http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq3.wmv
J.S.Bach - Toccata & Fugue in D Minor (8 Meg) http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq4.wmv
Russian Rag http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq5.wmv
Kelly Clarkson - Because of You http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq6.wmv
Robert Schumann - A Tale of Distant Lands http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq7.wmv
P.D.Paradisi - Toccata Allegro http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq8.wmv
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sonata in C Major - Allegretto http://www.pianospares.com/squire-and-longson/sq9.wmv

This is your opportunity to purchase another one of my pianos as I need to make some more room.

Originally the company was associated with Bluthner and later on became Welmar and Kemble etc. A little history follows:

Under the umbrella of the Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd company, six different brands of upright pianos were hand-crafted, each to its own specification. The company originally formed back in 1876 to sell the German made Bluthner pianos to the UK market but just before the Second World War, when they were doing well, an unfortunate fire at the uninsured London factory of Squire and Longson meant there was a whole workforce of fully trained piano specialists desperate for work Seizing the opportunity, the company bought their present premises and were able to employ skilled team of craftsmen from day one, and to begin manufacturing their own new brand of piano Welmar (named after the two directors Mr Whelpdale and Mr Maxwell).

The piano may not be as well known as others, but it does have a wonderful tone that is hard to find today.
Personally I would rate it, equal if not slightly better than a lot of John Broadwood pianos from the same era.

Before I begin to detail the piano I would like to say that I can arrange Delivery for the buyer at a very reasonable rate. Please contact me for a quotation and the price given will be subject to a few conditions at the bottom of this page.

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All these pictures were taken this week.

The piano case is in a good overall condition and has a nice shiny finish. A few marks that can be expected from a second hand piano of this age, but it is still very presentable!

Internally the piano is also in good condition and has no defects!


All the original keys have been fully checked, serviced and polished as can be seen. NO Chips!

The Wrest Plank or Pin Block is structurally sound and the piano holds it tuning very well for over 6 months! This is the usual minimum tune up period for pianos. In reality, all pianos go slightly out of tune (Flat) within a few days of tuning!


The piano is tuned to concert pitch and has remained in tune for the past 6 months now, but I will fully re tune this week!

The Dimensions are: Width: 58 inches (1475mm) Height: 51 1/2 inches (1310mm) Depth: 24 inches (610mm)

In summing up, this 88 note 7 1/4 octave piano would not only suit a beginner and take them to grade 8, but it will also suit a good pianist who is likes a sharper and powerful tone. The piano has been well played over the years and the action is very fast! The keys are always under your fingers and you will be able to play the fastest of piano pieces with no trouble!

I'm sure from these pictures and videos that this piano is of very good quality and will give you many years of trouble free playing and pleasure.

What makes a good Piano? Don't always go by name or design! Yamaha's tend to be very sharp and bright, but are very good. Bechstein's are either very good or very bad, I have a model III & Model 9 as well as two Bluthners that you can compare this one against if you visit.

Please take time to read my feedback and you will see 100% excellent piano feedback! You can also see the pianos that I received all this very positive feedback for on my website: www.pianospares.com

Before you dash off to your nearest piano dealer or cross your fingers and bid on another piano please contact me first. I will be more than happy to give you some advise and demanding questions to ask another seller!

WARNING! Don't waste money and time on a piano that has not been tuned for years! There is often a very good reason for this! The piano may be scrap or goes out of tune quickly! A £100 bargain may well end up costing you a few thousand or £75 a month for a piano tuner if he does not give you the bad news to scrap it.
If you would like to view, play or ask me any question before bidding, then please give me a call on 01952-228979.

This piano is only available to UK bidders and any overseas bids will be removed!
I will require bidders who have a feedback of below 5 or have been registered for less than 4 weeks to give me a call before bidding!
Delivery will only be to a ground floor location that does not require moving upstairs or more than 3 steps to access! In the very rare event that the piano can not be manoeuvred into the ground floor room of your choose, please ensure you have another suitable location available.
The piano can be collected as long as it has been paid for prior with cleared funds or payment for the piano can be made in full before delivery or if you prefer, in cash on delivery as long as my delivery fee has been paid for in advance.

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